To stay on the betting track is not easy. On the one hand, you need to play it smart, but on the other hand it is important to remember that betting is a game of chance and don’t blame bad luck. The risk of becoming gambling addicted is also there and must be avoided at any costs. But are there any common sports betting mistakes every bettor should know? Are there any common mistakes which are both relevant to betting on football and eSports? Yes, there are some common misconceptions and we will put them forward in our article. Avoiding them won’t automatically make you a winner, but it still prevents you from decreasing your chances of winning.



There is a common misconception the more wagers you place, the higher is your chance to win. And this strategy seems to be tempting. However, it is not true. Betting on almost every football match of your favorite team or betting on any possible kinds of sports will not bring you luck. To place bets with an outcome it is important to choose only the kinds of sports you are familiar with and always analyze if it is worth it to place the bet on the event.Spreading yourself on many different bets at once won’t give you more opportunities, but will require much more money as needed. So, every bettor pays a vig on each placed bet for the bookmaker. Even if the vig is not that high, placing many bets will quickly make you blast through your bankroll.


There are some people who have many unrealistic expectations about betting. However, you have to be put in a lot of hard work to be a successful bettor. Betting is not an easy route, it is a challenge where you should constantly improve yourself and put the effort in. General sports knowledge is also definitely not enough to become a successful bettor, this path needs doing regular research about the kind of sports you bet, your team and many other possible injuries. In fact, even the weather forecasts play a role while making sports judgments because weather conditions during a match can affect the players and have a huge impact on how they are playing. And it is also important to be informed about odds, lines, different types of bets (and not only accumulator bets!) and scoring system in the sports you bet on. 


Even if you have signed up at the trustworthy reliable betting site (for example, a big gambling plattform BetAmo), it doesn’t matter, you should not look for better alternatives. Remember, that different bookmakers offer different odds on the same match, and even a little difference in odds may be very important and have a huge impact on your winning. That is why it is beneficial to be registered on many different betting sites to shop around and choose the best possible value for your wager.



Even recreational bettors who bet for joy, not for profit should always manage their spending. Not paying much attention to bankroll management will quickly lead you to overspending money. That is why it is important to set clear rules for yourself and start off smart. And of course it is crucial only to bet with money that you can afford to lose without having debts or any problems with paying your bills. Put some money aside in a separate account only for betting and always keep track of the amount of money you have deposited on your account or lost. And of course you should never chase your losses.


As any type of gambling sports betting is sometimes a real rollercoaster, and it suddenly turns out a former underdog team is a new absolute winner. That is why it is so important to avoid always backing your favorite team or the favorite. Firstly, even if you favor one team for many reasons and can’t imagine supporting any other team in the world, there is always a chance the team will go through a rough patch. That is why it is important to separate your emotions and preference for the team from real research, judgment and stakes. The other thing to avoid is always backing the favorite. Remember, that even the favorites can experience losing streaks.


These five common betting mistakes certainly help you to mitigate some losses in the future. The other common mistakes you should avoid are overlooking the risk of gambling addiction (and gambling if you are drunk or bored) and placing only bets of one type (for example, accumulator bets). However, many people lose money when they bet and that is why it is so important to bet for fun rather than for profit.