Fruit machines games have always been considered intuitive without science and art, and anyone could start playing immediately. However, this is not entirely true, slot machines have their sophistication and the better you know how they work, the better your chances of winning. First of all, a sequence of steps must be followed.

Sequence of fruit slot machines

  • Choose from the huge variety of fruit slot games available in many casinos.
  • Establish the stakes and the amount of money you are going to bet for each spin, before starting the round.
  • You can see the “paytable” or “pay table” that gives you information about the value of the combinations.
  • Hit “spin”, “play” or “spin”; now you have in the commands the option to give “Autoplay” and choose the amount of automatic spins.
  • Stay tuned until it stops and watch the winning lines.

Even after following these steps many users wonder how to win every time in fruit slots and, although there is no infallible method to win every spin, you can improve your luck by avoiding slots with progressive jackpots and choose titles with a higher payout percentage (RTP) instead.

Tips and tricks to win at fruit slot machines

Tips and tricks to win

Slots, as we already mentioned, is a game based on chance, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. In fact not all slots are the same and some have bet enhancers, bonus features, RTP and different volatility, which means it can affect the odds of winning.

So, the main tip is to seek information about how the slot works:

  • Seek information from other players, they will be able to give you input from experience. If a slot game does not pay, the news can reach you quickly if you are connected with other players. The way to do it is to look for information in blogs, Facebook, forums or casino sites.
  • Know the RTP (the percentage of return to the player in the long term): you need a machine that pays more than the others if you want to win in a slot machine. And for this, you must know what the RTP is. It does not refer to the amount you get when you bet with real money, neither if you have less chances to win a bonus round, but if it gives you enough rates if a slot machine pays enough.
  • Know the volatility of the game: another important criterion to know if it is a winning slot machine is the volatility. It is also called variance, and some games have a medium, high or low variance that signifies the level of risk. The volatility of the game measures the risk you invest with real money. If you choose fruit games this “risk factor” is a good point to take into account, because the volatility determines how the slot is won.

For example: low volatility slots are more likely to win in easier to happen combinations on winning lines, although the winnings are lower. High volatility slots, on the other hand, are less likely to win but the payouts are higher.

Tips for new players

Tips for new players

Choose the slot machine time that best suits your tastes, but it is important to keep in mind that if it presents high volatility, you must be patient, have enough money. With the right funds and tips for playing slots, these games can be much more rewarding.

The best way to learn how to play slot machines is with practice and the demo versions that we find in different operators are the ideal alternative. Choose a title and start playing, either in a free version or taking advantage of the welcome bonuses while you familiarize yourself with the game.